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Greetings! Here at Green T with Tamara, it's another day on the journey of HOPE as we Heal Our Planet Earth by raising consciousness about green issues and clean ways of living. We are dedicated to the mission of promoting environmental awareness through eco-entertainment, the convergence of television and the internet, and new media.

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"Outstanding Travel, Talk & Lifestyle" Series & Host - LA WebFest 2011

"Best Hosted Interview Show" - StayTunedTV Awards 2010

"We are showing viewers how to live a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle while inspiring sustainability based on compelling storytelling, immersive "Green T" narratives, and unique content", says Tamara Henry aka "Green T", who started her career as an anchor and health reporter for WB and Fox, now Santa Monica City TV, before claiming her role as the nation’s leading conscious entertainment reporter. “Our goal is to inspire people to create change through the innovative options we showcase. We highlight current realities and provide inspirational solutions and alternatives with new, contemporary, and relevant content that has a long web shelf life.”

Henry has been the co-host of the local TV show Metro Motion since 2005, a cable TV show on a dozen cable TV channels throughout the greater Los Angeles area that features L.A.'s traffic impact on the environment, carpooling and public transportation. Carving out a powerful niche, she continues to bring her unique brand of eco-reporting to a variety of hosting roles on the web, TV and to live events—in addition to fostering the growth of GreenTwithTamara.TV.


Green T is ready to work for you!

Enlightened Entertainment / Transformational Television /
Meaningful Media / Conscious Content / Positive Programming / Tantalizing Transformation

GreenTwithTamara.TV is looking to expand its influence throughout the web and TV world by adding new webisodes, collaborating with events for interactive promotions and sponsored coverage, providing eco-based video content to other media entities, and growing its corporate partnerships with environmentally-friendly companies and organizations.

If you have a green event, product or eco-friendly service and would like to have content created for TV or the Web, we can position you in the best eco-light possible. We offer show or segment sponsorship of GreenTwithTamara.TV for companies or expos who want to present themselves to a green-savvy viewership, cultural creatives that skew both male and female, ages 18-54, curious about impacting the planet through sustainability.

GreenTwithTamara.TV continues to create empowering segments that are unique, creative, entertaining and original with a mission of HOPE - Healing Our Planet Earth.

Please CONTACT US so we can work with you or your organization - Thank you, Green T


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